Heaven on Earth Day Spa & Salon

August 3, 2010 No Comments by The Massage Critic

Heaven on Earth Day Spa & Salon

Heaven on Earth is more like Heaven in downtown Honolulu. There is no comparison within walking distance, this place truly stands out in a jungle of tall buildings and downtown crowds, there is an escape, a portal to another place… Heaven. The spa is below ground and found just off Alakea street. The waiting area is small but when you go downstairs it really is shocking that this place exists only steps away from the teaming street life and downtown Honolulu riff-raff.

Hawaii’s Best Massage Therapists

Ok, that’s a lofty title, but when I go in and my masseuse tells me she’s been doing this for 20 years and used to work for a pro sports team I know my muscles are in for some loosening. You can’t say enough about quality therapists though, it seems like nowadays the massage schools are really letting students fall through the cracks. Heaven on Earth does an excellent job of procuring the best therapists in Hawaii though. Definitely worth the price which is still considerably better than many of the Waikiki or Koolina resorts.

The Salon

My recommendation is to avoid the Salon. Why ruin a great massage and or other spa treatments with a lousy haircut. On my first visit there I was informed that another salon down the road actually gives better cuts (and they did – check out J salon sometime). The cut wasn’t great, this place is first and foremost a spa. Go to get away from the downtown noise, your busy job, or to just… get away.

Check out their website here: Heaven on Earth Hawaii

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